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About Me

'If I had to go back and pinpoint the beginning of my journey towards a lifetime of health and fitness, it would start with participating in sport at the age of 6.


Gymnastics was a huge part of my life up until the age of 12. It was where I learned all about discipline, strength, passion, drive, determination and commitment not to mention being inspired by the greats and aspiring to be the best. I remember those years with the fondest of memories but as I grew older, and after winning several local championship titles and gaining my BAGA - British Amateur Gymnastics Association - awards, I wanted to explore other sports and take up other recreational hobbies, hence deciding to move into tennis, netball, athletics, dance and then eventually into fitness.

It was in the early 90's that I decided to build a career within the fitness industry and gained my first set of fitness qualifications as an aerobics instructor in 1994. I went onto qualifying in many other areas within fitness over a 25 year period with certifications in studio instruction, step and circuit training as well as in gym instruction, weight training and eventually focusing on coaching, specialising in advanced personal training, bodybuilding, strength & conditioning, functional training, lifestyle and sports nutrition.


Other achievements include being a WBFF Professional Fitness Model and being awarded my pro card in 2013 at the European Championships.  I went onto being awarded second place at the 2017 World Championships in London as well as being the runner up at the 2018 USA North American Championships in Los Angeles at the age of 47.  However, my most recent experiences and challenges have taken me in a completely different direction and back to studying.


In looking to challenge the mindset of the masses to develop a friendlier mindset style of approach towards a healthy and fitter lifestyle, the ideology of encouraging others to invest into a lifetime of progressive health and fitness prompted me to undertake a series of studies, hence completing diplomas in both CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and NLP - Neuro-linguistic Programming.  Becoming a certified practitioner enables me to strengthen my connections with clients by working with the mindset to help many achieve a deeper understanding and a stronger, positive approach towards the importance of incorporating health and fitness into their lives.  


My studies certainly haven't stopped there, the plan is to complete my BSc Sports Coaching degree, specialising in Sports Psychology. This combination, applied with my experiences, skills and recent studies will enable me to reach an even wider and broader spectrum of people and offer my professional services to help in general.

In a nutshell, my love and devotion to a lifetime of health, fitness and helping others is unique. I focus on combining health and fitness with a mind/body/wellbeing approach devised to help change the mindset and its approach to getting healthy, fit and strong.  My vibe is all about working from the inside out, to help people achieve their fitness goals, dreams, ambitions and to sustain them on a long term basis in the best possible way.....'