'Fasting, do people still do this? if so, why?....'

'I've had my fair share of experimenting with different nutritional plans, specific foods and so forth, especially when it comes to what's best for health in general, however it's certainly fair to say that one of the most significant changes I made when it comes to nutrition, was and still is about being really careful in what foods I consciously put into my body and the effects it has on my day to day training performance. Now, fasting was always a taboo subject in particularly for bodybuilders back in the day, as there was always a stigma attached to eating regular set meals, every three to four hours to assimilate proteins properly and never missing meals in fear of catabolic muscle loss however, I've always been the rebellious type whereby I've incorporated and practised fasting for many years now, but it's fair to say, I became a lot more serious about understanding what the real benefits of fasting were, especially over the last three years.

Back in my earlier years, I fasted purely for detox and weight loss purposes just like many others who were enticed and encouraged by the commercial health and fitness industry. Fasting was supposedly intended to be a fast track way to losing weight and becoming healthy. Many bought into the hype but that all changed for me a few years ago when I became much more interested in learning how to fast properly after developing a series of gut issues and complications relating to my lifestyle as a bodybuilder.

Now, to cut a long story short, after many years of eating a high protein/high carb rich diet, my body began to break down and I found it really hard to digest anything properly without feeling terrible. After undergoing a series of tests and treatments with no real solution to the problem, it was by switching to my present trainer/coach who completely restructured my nutrition and literally saved me along with my health and my professional bodybuilding career. That's when I decided to commit to fasting for health benefits on a more regular basis, allowing my body to reset itself each time with each fast lasting between 16 -24 hours.

Let's move forwards to the present day. My reasons, ideology and approach to fasting have completely changed. Despite the fact that I still primarily fast for health with a view to giving my digestive track/system a well deserved break, these days I fast more for mind, body, spiritual connection and well being. I meditate during this time which helps to sharpen my focus, heightens clarity and helps with my ability to reconnect with my inner self. I believe that having a healthy body connects to having a healthy mind and vice versa. If you're not eating well then your mind will suffer, simples.

In addition to that, I ensure I take good quality rest which is so important. I find I can relax properly by keeping my environment calm and positively charged, practicing a little yoga with some light stretching whilst listening to music and doing my very best to avoid being disturbed or distracted by anyone or anything.

Once my fasting phase is over, I'm very respectful as to how I break it. Usually, I break it with fresh green juices, coconut oil, berries and nuts then will eat a meal of fish with vegetables before adding back in my regular carbs which are fully essential to my off season nutrition. I find that during the phase of reintroduction, foods tend to be absorbed better and faster than normal hence seeing better results throughout my training sessions.

This is my experience which is based on my lifestyle and it works for me, however I know of many who fast for a variety of different reasons ranging from holistic and religious practices, detoxing and cleansing, spiritual purposes through to IF: intermittent fasting and much more. but for me, fasting is more about nourishing my mind and connecting the mind and body so I can reset myself to be the best I can possibly be.'


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