'Fit, strong and sexy in the gym but a complete wreck behind closed doors...?'

'Its taken many years in blood, sweat, pain and tears to build my body to meet the high standards set out within the world of competitive bodybuilding let alone becoming one of the worlds WBFF's top female figure athletes. However, there has always been pros and cons that come with such dedication and commitment especially when it comes to women's training in general. The sacrifices, the unstoppable self discipline along with the sharpest tunnel vision possible has created many a champion but behind closed doors, many have suffered with injuries which have affected their quality of life.

As a pro female bodybuilder, I've certainly taken my body and mind to its limits whereby I needed to know what my true needs, wants and requirements would be to stay on top of my game. However, as the years have gone by, my priorities have changed and so has my focus. Now I stay in tip top condition for personal health, fitness & wellbeing purposes in order to feel good on a daily basis. That's my biggest commitment to self care along with my life's long mission, to be strong, fit and healthy at any age.

You see, I know the effects of what hard, intensive training can do to the body over a period of time and in order to conquer this, I had to create balance by making big changes. In my humble opinion, I think the biggest challenge one can face when the quest is simply wanting to get fit, look hot and feel great is in consciously making time and effort to actively create the balance. It's important to understand that the aspect of working hard to look good aesthetically cannot take place purely within the confinements of the gym especially on a daily basis. To reach your true potential, there's a much bigger picture you have to strive for.

I learnt my lesson a couple of years ago, when I had no choice but to surrender and commit to a series of weekly treatments to help to rebalance my body after pulling my Quadratus Lumborum, a muscle located in the rear abdominal wall, whilst doing a set of high rep weighted burpees. Since then, its been a weekly commitment to deep tissue massages, scraping/myofascial treatments, monthly chiropratic adjustments, regular stretching, foam roller sessions, practising bikram/hot yoga, and occasional dry/wet cupping.

Sounds like a lot, right? but so does the reality of painfully breaking down muscle fibres on a daily basis in order to rebuild/formulate new muscle tissue which, in a nutshell, is what we do when we lift weights with a lot of intensity. The thing is, its fairly logical to see that if we are in effect, damaging our bodies in order to rebuild them, then to bring ourselves back to homeostasis, we need to aid the recovery process in the best possible way with supplementation, quality nutrition, alternative therapies, treatments and most importantly rest. I had to learn the hard way whereby, the only time I would get treatment was if something was wrong and I really needed it. Nowadays, I have a treatment program which is part of my maintenance plan to keep my body feeling on point and helps me to perform at my best whenever possible.

So, with a life's long commitment and mission to staying fit, healthy and strong, I commit to the cause by looking after myself with the love and care my mind and body truly deserves. As a trainer/coach, I will always try my best to encourage people to look at the bigger picture. Prevention will always be better than cures, so look for positive and healthier ways to balance your journey towards your long term fitness goals, whether they be in health, mind/body or simply life in general and start reaping the rewards of feeling fit, healthy and strong.'


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