'Got Mid January Fitness Blues?....'

'It's mid January and already I've noticed the local gyms emptying out that little bit earlier, fitness enthusiasts skipping regular sessions and people in general reverting back to old eating habits that originally had them heading to the gym in the first place. The truth is... talk is cheap and action speaks a hell of a lot louder when it comes to getting fit & healthy.

Over the years, one of most important factors that I've established with clients and will help to encourage enthusiasts in staying committed to the cause, is to create simple, easy habits that everyone can fit into their daily, weekly or monthly schedules without disrupting their lifestyle too much. In the beginning, it's better to commit to one or two good quality training sessions or classes along with creating one healthy eating habit per week which can be sustained rather than jumping head first into a strict calorie controlled crash diet, not to mention throwing in four to five weekly training sessions on top which isn't conducive to your lifestyle and will inevitably leave you feeling exhausted, drained & defeated for sure.

The reality is, to begin your fitness journey & be able to sustain it, less is certainly more....for now.'


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