'Holistic Health.... What does it mean? And how can I achieve it?'

'I can only speak for myself but I've reached a stage in my life whereby I feel more connected than ever to what I consider are the wonderful benefits and rewards of embracing, living and breathing holistic health. Over the years, perceptions of holistic health has varied, from being portrayed as an unruly opposition towards 'mainstream medicine', through to following restrictive lifestyle practices such as macrobiotic living which incorporates a set of rules as to how one should prepare and consume certain types of food on a daily basis. I think it's fair to say that alternative cures, therapies, medicines, foods and products have always been a major part of what holistic living is supposed to be about however, over the years, things have developed and changed whereby, incorporating mind, body and spiritual practices into a modern day lifestyle is barely frowned upon.

So, whats my take on holistic health?

Well, in my humble opinion, holistic health incorporates an understanding of health and wellbeing as being an interplay between the physical, mental, spiritual and environmental factors as to what it means to be fully healthy. No longer is health just about going to the gym with an incentive to lose weight or is getting fit all about working on having a set of 6 pack abs, it's much bigger than that. Becoming more 'wholesome and balanced' as a person has to incorporate the mental, environmental and spiritual elements in order to create contentment and balance.

Understanding that an investment into nurturing and training your mindset to take on a more positive approach and/or learning how to process negative factors in a more proactive and positive way requires just as much commitment as the determination it takes to get those 6 pack abs and/or to lose the targeted weight loss one may have set.

Becoming aware that real self care is all about self awareness is the first step towards working hard to incorporate as many positive practices that may help one bring equilibrium to the forefront. The main practices I like to focus on include, eating foods that help to promote positive emotional wellbeing which helps to transmit positive emotional feelings and thoughts.

Second to that is broadening the mindset with knowledge. A hobby that may include reading inspirational literature, watching motivational videos, taking a self help course or simply talking to a certified coach/qualified therapist to help you to challenge your thoughts, to plan and create goals to help with personal growth and progression, can certainly put you on the right track.

And last but not least, are two important factors that are pretty much so over looked. One is taking care in choosing environments, people and social settings in which to immerse yourself into or associate yourself with. Positivity breeds positivity, therefore creating an environment in which you can allow yourself to grow without judgement and amongst like minded people is self explanatory and invaluable. The other is the opportunity to tap into spirituality. A massively misunderstood factor which has a broad concept with room for many different interpretations/ perspectives but is often misunderstood as having a religious feel to it but really, spirituality is all about sensing a connection to something bigger than ourselves....and for some, that may well have a link to religion but for many others, it simply questions what the meaning of life is, in a 'universal human experience' style of way which we can all relate to.


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