'Is health really wealth or is it simply the coolest caption to use these days?...'

'For as long as I can remember, I've always been an advocate of 'health, fitness and wellbeing' in general and never been one to fall prey to the excesses of over indulgence. From a young age it was drilled into me to eat healthy food, avoid junk, be active and that everything should be taken in moderation. My exposure to this kind of philosophy and upbringing felt natural to me, it was what I was used to, thanks to my father who was a big fan of naturopathy and used homeopathic home remedies, as a way to stay healthy.

Fast forward to the present day, the picture is much bigger whereby I make it a priority to balance my life in becoming more wholesome, jam packed with goodness for the mind, body and soul. Why? because everything is interconnected and if one element isn't functioning at 100% then something else will have to compensate leaving me to fall short. The bottom line is, I want to maximise my full potential to being the best I can possibly be and living a healthy lifestyle enables me to do this.

Now, despite the fact that I live my life to suit myself, I will always encourage people who struggle with health in general that there is a better way to pursuing a healthier lifestyle than of the stiff and rigid 'old school' ways of restriction. 'Health is wealth' is a caption I've used for many years with a view to reaching out to people who struggle with balance on a day to day basis. Become wealthy by introducing one healthy habit into your lifestyle per week, whether it be by eating more vegetables, going for an early morning walk, attending a group training class, drinking more herbal teas or opting for a better choice of meal than the norm when eating out. Take one step at a time with small aims, goals and hitting targets continuously whilst challenging yourself every step of the way. You only have one life, so let's invest in it now so it will facilitate us in the years to come.

The moral of the story is; Rome wasn't built in a day and a lifetime of questionable eating habits isn't going to change overnight because you've suddenly discovered that coconut water doesn't actually taste too bad. However, changing your mindset towards making better choices will take time, effort, consistency and practice but I can promise you this, once you become adjusted, you will never understand what the fascination was about eating junk that was ever so appealing in the first place.


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