'Lifting weights makes you look manly...ok, if you say so!'

''If I could receive a penny for every time I heard this saying, I would be a multi millionairess many times over. The old myth that 'women who lift weights will look manly' is still one of the biggest stigmas attached to why women in general avoid the weights area in gyms. As a female coach, trainer and bodybuilder, I hear it all the time and despite the fact it doesn't bother me, my biggest concerns derive from the fact that women in general are simply missing out on the excellent benefits that weight training has to offer.

From a health prospective, the benefits in strength training/lifting weights helps to protect our bones and prevent osteoporosis. As we get older, our hormonal levels naturally decrease especially in women, in particularly during the postmenopausal phase and that's where lifting can help to increase bone density to protect us, especially in areas such as the spine, pelvis and hips. In addition to that, building and maintaining muscle tissue helps with balance and coordination, a vital necessity we need, hence helping to prevent falls which can bring on all sorts of issues later on in life.

From an aesthetic prospective, regular weight training will improve tone, definition, enhance curves and improve shape in general. Women who lift will NEVER look like men due to the fact that men carry much higher testosterone levels, however it's fair to say that some women will use 'enhancements' to build a lot of muscle tissue with the side effects taking on and resembling a more masculine look rather than staying within the boundaries of femininity, that simply is by personal choice and this aspect in no way represents the majority of women who work hard, have amazing shapes and happily lift everyday.

In touching on only two aspects of the benefits as to why women should lift weights, my philosophy for women who are still uncertain in hitting the weights area is;

if you can carry your Gucci or Louis Vuitton extra large tote, packed to the brim with all your essentials on a daily basis then you can lift a pair of 10kg dumbbells and start off with a few squats to get into shape, stay healthy and be strong..

So, what are you waiting for ?......'


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