'Successful in business, unsuccessful in looking after your health, fitness and wellbeing...'

'As a coach/trainer, I've been down this road many times before where I've worked with clients who are successful in their own businesses or chosen career paths but struggle with their commitment to leading a successful, healthy lifestyle. Many are wealthy, financially secure, some in long term relationships, have children, are well travelled and lead lifestyles that are perceived to be or what is now referred to these days as 'winning'.

However when it comes to living ones best life in general, there's a massive deficit in happiness pertaining to personal wellbeing and the quest to look and feel good in ones own skin. In understanding the concept that this is one area in life whereby, you simply cannot 'buy' health, fitness or a body to be proud of and that intrinsic factors such as commitment, dedication, a strong mindset, consistency and patience is what is required, is often a huge reality check for many.

I often question as why the same strategy that is applied to running a successful business cannot be adapted, modified and applied to looking after oneself with passion, respect and self love.... after all, if you don't have your health or feel good about what you see in the mirror then clearly, one isn't 'winning' at all.

But it's not as simple as that and if it was, then everyone would be able to do it, however some of these issues run deeper than what is projected here and need to be tackled positively. Therapy is always a good starting place which can bring clarity, help to strategise an approach (alongside working with a good trainer/coach), reshuffle priorities, clear the mindset by refreshing thoughts and emotions hence finding a suitable, sustainable and much happier approach to leading a fitter, healthier, balanced lifestyle.

In the meantime, my quest to help these admirable people remains as strong as ever with my motto being, I'm here to help....'


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